Jan. 25

New Power Athlete podcast, interviewing Dr. David Perlmutter, who wrote Grain Brain.
“People are down on what they are not up on.”
“If we strive for the status quo, there will not be any progress.”

Also a new Robb Wolf podcast, with an interview of Alex Viada, a dude who can squat 700 raw and run a 4:30 mile. I used to brag about having squatted 600 and run a 9:42 two-mile, albeit 15 years apart. Guess I have to stop that now. They talked about training athletes and the limitations of low-carb and paleo for elite athletes.
“For 99 percent of people out there, just eat whole food works.”
This was more about that one percent.

I’ve always been a “throw away the scale” guy, because I’ve always been more concerned with performance than the value of my gravitational pull. But I am also currently in a weight loss challenge. One bit of advise that came up in a conversation recently. If you are going to watch the weight, weigh often. But do so with the caveat of tracking a weekly average. Pay attention to that number, not the daily weights. If you are like me, it can fluctuate several pounds each day. Luckily, my Fitbit app automatically calculates a weekly average, but a spreadsheet could easily be set up as well. By the way, down almost 12 pounds this month from my 270 starting weight.



Row 250m
Jump Rope 75

Bench 3RM–235

4 Rounds–13:17
3 Colossus Complexes 95#
(1 squat clean, 3 split jerks, 1 front squat)
4 Ab Rollers
12 Bar Hops

Threw some brats, sweet potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms and onions in the crock pot:

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